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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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franklin street. my name is laurel fraser and i live across the street from the applicant. i'm in full support of the project. i'm an interior architecture at and received the plan and request denial of this appeal. this would only enhance our street and neighborhood. thank you for your time, laurel fraser. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? >> seeing none, we'll begin our rebuttal with the appellant, 3 minutes. >> i'm not a troublemaker. i don't like making people upset and i don't like wasting time or money whether it's minor someone else's. i need to protect my property and the value of my property. i had no choice but to file this appeal.
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the expressed purpose, the expressed function of all the documents that i have received is to communicate to the property owners what the applicant intends do with this property. this document is riddled with errors. therefore they are invalid and should be rescinded. what's the point of all these documents if they have errors on it. it seems to write what you want and the permit be approved. the more problems i find with this document, the more trouble i find. here are good examples. this is a drawing and service two points that i want to make. first it's not to scale. the
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entire -- however, the height of the entire eight foot 9 inch roof extensions is a >> -- this was before i submitted my appellant brief. this past sunday i noticed how to drawing of the top of the page showing the relative height of the buildings conveniently shows the three stories left on west side of the building. plus i noticed
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this yesterday when they wanted to add another wind ori for the interior and i already have no privacy and because i need to keep the curtains open. my point is to illustrate how deceptive these documents are. i think most people would not have noticed the discrepancy. after all i caught them by chance at the very last minute and six months after receiving the document. i greatly appreciate the time and diligent effort that the board has conducted in approving my appellant brief and i look forward to the judgment in my neighbor to revoke this permit especially the extensions on the roof and the rear. thank
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you. >> thank you commissioners. i'm here on behalf of the permit holder. the appellant has received significant notice throughout the process. this is the plan on the wall. even from the photo it's very clear there is a person standing. that was last march. miss pres sta did send the application to the pell appellant as well. what the department of planning asked to minimize the amount of paper go out, they request that you take the drawings and shrink them so they fit on a certain number of pages. this is where it looked a little
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odd at certain times because that's what the planning department requires you to do. that's exactly what's happened. since the dr filing period elapsed the construction drawings drafted, both the planning department and the dbi have received them and found them to be compliant with the code. i want to mention there is no window proposed for that wall along the appellants property. it's not permitted by the code because it's on the property line. so in the end the appellant waited 2 days prior to the appeal and responded to all the of the modifications that he requested. because he didn't file a dr request she found comfortable to plan the
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drawings and was surprised when she got the appeal two days before the appeal period. she was willing to listen to concerns. one of the things that miss pres sta did want to propose was it was create twog creating two walls and she was still willing to incorporate that into the design. in the end this process is going to create a new family size dwelling unit. the recently adopted housing element of the general plan has a clear policy to develop new housing and encourage e remodel of the
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new housing. new multi-bedroom is expensive and that creates a more affordable family housing. it's three units with open dedicated buildings. >> thank you. mr. sanchez, nothing further. the matter is submitted. >> a lot of things were brought up, but i think the primary issue with the appellant has to deal with the stair to the roof and the stair penthouse. looking at the orientation i would have guess that the blockage of the sun occurs relatively late in the afternoon. given that the
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penthouse is almost directly due west of the appellant's property. which means the southern sun is what provides most of the light and sunlight into rear yard and will continue as it tracks across the sky somewhere late afternoon where the penthouse will have any impact on the supplement. -- sunlight. at that time the sunlight is very low on the horizon and as was stated by a number of people, i find the impact here is modest and minimal. i think the appellant should accept the offer of the permit hold er to
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put glass in the stair and enhances their stairs and will add a little bit of transparentcy and light through that wall. >> i agree. i don't have anything else to add. >> me neither. i think the only thing i was concerned about was the light as well the technicality and any concern about clarification can be questions on the plans, at this point should have been resolved. the light issue, i don't think is of great concern. i think that i would move to deny the appeal and uphold the permit on the basis that it's code compliant. >> do you want to condition
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the lazying in the stairwell? >> the appellant doesn't care. you have to come to the microphone, sorry. >> the only issue is that it would require additional time to be spent on the construction drawings. >> as far as the revision. >> exactly. >> unless it's done tonight. i don't think the appellant cares. i saw you shaking your head. so, again you need to speak in through the microphone, sorry. >> the shade expert that the permit holder hired showed with the glass it would cover the shade would be two or three hours per day. that's what we went over on may 3rd meeting with both architects. in fact,
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the architect asked him when they saw that i wasn't very happy with the shade because it was more than i was originally expecting. my guess was like an hour of shade with the penthouse there which is you know the sun is due west so it creates towards their shade area two or three hours and the architect requested to add glass instead and i said that is the glass, 2-3 hours per day. >> the question is should we condition the permit to have the glass be part of the stairwell, the penthouse? >> if it's a choice between glass or solid, i will have a choice between the house? then it's glass. but i would prefer none. >> okay. thank you.
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>> yes. >> i just want to point out, i'm not sure if that construction in the last wall of the property line if it would require the wall for fire rated. >> it's an excess of 3 1/2 feet. it's a double run on the stair there. >> so, do you want to -- >> let's proceed. >> no amendment to my motion. okay, denial the appeal and uphold the permit as code compliant. >> okay, we have a motion from the president to deny this appeal and uphold the permit on the basis that it's code compliant. on that motion, commissioner fung? aye, hurtado? >> aye. commissioner honda?
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aye. the motion is approved. the permit is upheld on that basis. >> we are adjourned. thank you. test, test, test, test, test, test >> well, thank you all for coming. it's great.
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i just want to highlight the program before we get started. all our partners have helped us develop this project with that my name is a himself i'm head up the be district program. we welcome president chiu welcome. without further adieu a man who's no stranger to this area mayor edwin lee. thank you. it's great to be here on 24th street i can literally see all the changes and the constant
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very brnt area. it gets crowded up here. i'm glad to join president chiu and the other supervisors who are supporting this neighborhood. all over the city we have 11 of these cb ds thought the city and 5 entire districts. the latest one i want to thank the board for the district that is raising their own money that can really compliment the downtown moscone. the neighborhoods i enjoy just as much because the neighborhood
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are constantly working to find ways to improve. i'm glad to see public works that helps get the permits done for those parks that have been here for 26 years and having funny; right? >> and that's at the way it should be. we have fun where we live and it's always a great investment to have the agencies working together with the neighborhoods association and the community benefit districts to improve and constantly change and improve the streets and uses of the streets as we try to support our neighbors. this makes our city great.
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i want to recognize scott wiener and david is working along broadway and trying to create the newest and freshest districts there. we call it the entertainment district. but getting the businesses up there a little bit better organized so they can welcome the foot traffic and the be automobiles. this is happening all over the districts. it's happening in the valley and others. we have a number of representatives here dan weaver. every re t are those cb ds
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that are created there's instant on, on going improvements. those improvements are readily felt with our police department as well. when i have people actively engaged in people with the streets people are a lot more conscious and they're looking at out and supporting this project. people are relynn themselves with the neighborhood. this makes our city great. i'm here to thank the people and mo it is the move
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that the local merchants have and they want the city to invest in their neighborhoods. it's a plea for success. who won't want to be here. it's better than the east coast right now. as we showed off pebble beach and my daughter is saying she wishes here here. i know that supervisor wiener and intent on making sure we have the investments in our neighborhood. when we do that kind of investment we get so much in
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return. people make their own personal investments and we're going to have a lot tighter city. and especially for all the national events we sponsor. we have a lot more people coming on market street they're going to expand on admission mission. we have businesses that wish to establish the cb d. and, of course, we have the moscone strict because they're going to have a way to finance the expansion. i want to thank everyone and
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recommit to our cities budget and make sure our neighborhoods and city is going to continue to improve. thank you >> when you have active communities you have active leadership and there's nobody that has been as strong as our districts supervisor scott wiener. >> thank you, mr. mayor. and wanting chu for being here today. i have the honor of representing this valley at the board of supervisors. i want to start with a shout out to t to the noah valley leadership who have done so much to improve
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this commercial door demeanor. and this park and two of the earlier park i always tell people if you're considering putting in a park go to see our cities parks it's exactly what we need. i know we're going to make this corridor better as we get money from prop b. so, i have the good future of having two of the very best cd vs in my district. and when you are a member of the board of supervisors and you're responsible for hpi our
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neighborhoods safer it's a huge benefit to have the cv ds you have people in the neighborhood cleaning it helping to keep it safe and who notice things that might be going wrong before it gets to a breaking point you've got people always there. i'm lucky to have those individuals helping me. it's important in this day and age we know that public budget isn't was it used to be. the department of public works are able to do a lot of works cleaning but there are limits to what they can do with their resources. we try to get more cleaning
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resources for p w and we're going to try to continue to do that but it makes it an essential part of the u equation to have people partnering with our city agencies to make sure that our neighborhoods will save. certainly we have it in noah valley in large part to our districts. we need to keep supporting them and making them stronger and stronger and you have my commitment. thank you >> up next in our program is president chiu and is very excited about the process here. so president chiu >> good morning it is great to be here in the sun and with
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you're very efficient scott wiener. i want to thank the mayor and i have to tell you in the very first year i was exposed to how for this is. i was asked to triple the size of this one district in my first term in union square. supervisor wiener said it's very important that he tripled the size of his districts. but in my districts i have the motorbike man's wharf and we've got make sure that our wharf is
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safe. i'm happy to announce we're talking about a new you community benefit i'll be proposing along broadway but there have been some serious knsz around pope street and whether the financial districts having should consider a cd v. when you have the private partnership and you have people working with our city police department it's important that all of us who are working it to make sure that san francisco has the most gem of neighborhoods for the entire word we're trying
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to chief that >> thank you for helping us. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor. and we know it's comfortable without our community leaders. so, please thank you so much. in our other vp thank you all for coming. i think the original reason for this conference is to tell you in terms of giving you a qualified data. we did a terrific study were what i want to talk to you today about why the cd vs good but in terms of we change the
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environment it's more than just changing the city's atmosphere the real magic is because we do all these things but it changes the feeling people have a of a neighborhood it gives them a great sense of belonging. it's what cv ds are important. i want to thank supervisor wiener and the mayor because the atmosphere is very important >> i want to thank if you could
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say just a couple of words? well, thank you very much for coming out today. i want to thank the supervisors and thank you to lee a for leading the community districts. congratulations on the moscone expansion i know it was a lot of work for you. and i want to say that she is leaving her post and we have a new person coming on board. thank you for the report and all your work. thank you so
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>> like to welcome everyone to san francisco's regular hearing for may 16. i'd like to remind the folks in the audience please silence any mobile devises and please when speaking before the commission state your name. (calling names). first up commissioners is consideration of items proposed